"Another Way To Die" review  - by Jake

Muse James Bond

We probably tend to be harsh on new James Bond themes because we remember the classic themes that we grew up with. Even so, 'Another Way To Die' is a very bland and nondescript song. It strives to be new and fresh but fell flat for this listener. The main problem with the song is that it doesn't really gel or settle into anything immediate or distinctive. It just isn't very memorable and ten minutes after listening to Another Way To Die I struggled to even remember what it had sounded like.

The composition isn't the best and the lyrics are laughable. Not that Bond lyrics were ever designed to be scrutinised too closely. There are a lot of strange noises going on in the song to no great effect and White and Keys don't really seem to be much in sync. It doesn't even sound as if they recorded the song together. Another Way To Die is also the second Bond theme in a row that sounds rather grunge and generic. It's all very disappointing, especially when one thinks of what the likes of Duffy, Muse or Amy Winehouse could have done.

The omission of Amy Winehouse was obviously understandable. Stranger is the omission of David Arnold from this song. Arnold hasn't set the world alight with his songs - although Surrender was an obvious but hugely enjoyable Bond style tune - but he may have improved this or done better with a different theme altogether. I remember The Scissor Sisters writing a Bondish song called 'Land of a Thousand Words' a few years ago, complete with Maurice Binder style video.

It's a shame no one seems to be able to come with anything equally clever - or fun - for Eon lately.

- Jake


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