Craig's Poker Face

When you think of James Bond, you invariably think of a man in a tuxedo. When you think of Daniel Craig in a tuxedo, you invariably think of a Russian bouncer.
What a bizarre choice to cast a Bond who looks un-Bondlike and ill at ease in a tuxedo in a half-faithful (for Eon anyway) adaption of Casino Royale.
In Ian Fleming's novel of Casino Royale, Bond plays Baccarat. In the film version, Bond plays poker. Although one would think that this film is being made for a handful of Fleming fanatics, Eon are hoping the general public will like it, and have therefore dumbed the film down and changed Baccarat to Texas hold 'em Poker. Why? Because Poker is very fashionable and popular at the monent. 
Perhaps Eon should have moved the poker game from  Royale-les-Eaux to Las Vegas and had Craig wear an orange polo shirt. He would have looked more convincing.
- William Rogers

c 2006 Alternative 007