James Bond 23

In an official statement, legendary film producer Barbara Broccoli and her assistant Michael G Wilson have announced that the 23rd James Bond film will be released on November the 9th 2012. Daniel Craig, the man who defined acting for his generation, will return as James Bond, probably until the end of the time if Barbara has anything to do with it. 
The film will helmed by famed action specialist Sam Mendes and written by Purvis & Wade and John Logan. Although no casting details have been forthcoming yet, it is widely expected that Judi Dench, the only person in the world who can Daniel Craig look incredibly tall, will be back as the oldest secret service boss in cinema or television history. It is somewhat disturbing to think that the people responsible for Quantum of Solace are still at large and planning to make another film but, as Yazz and the Plastic Population so memorably put it, the only way is up. For the long term sake of the franchise, it surely can't get any worse!  



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