Dame Judi Misses Brosnan

Dame Judi Dench, famed for playing M in the James Bond films and also for her hilarious turn in the sitcom As Time Goes By (oh never mind), has revealed she misses former Bond Pierce Brosnan. No disrespect to the Oxo cube bronzed Daniel Craig of course because he's apparently sooper dooper too. But Brosnan was tops with the Dame. "Daniel is an incredible talent and I love working with him but I still miss Pierce. He was a very warm man and always a lot of fun, always laughing and joking. Pierce was great to have around the set. We became close friends.
I did four Bonds with him so I missed him after he finished with the role. There is no comparison between him and Daniel. Theyre completely different actors but both are brilliant men with a fantastic sense of humour, very self-mocking, which you need to play Bond. But you miss anyone you make a relationship with and you think at some point youll maybe cross paths again. And I did, with Pierce, in a play. If you get on with somebody well, you never really break that."
Dame Judi Dench is probably in a play or something soon but will next be seen on cinema screens in the forthcoming Sam Mendes comedy Skyfall.

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