5 Unorthodox Choices For 007 After Daniel Craig

The James Bond film franchise is a source of never-ending speculation for fans. People constantly wonder who the next Bond girl will be, or which mainstream music star will perform the next opening theme; these days, there's speculation over who might top Heineken for advertising power within a Bond film, or what 007's next car might look like. But nothing beats speculation over who might succeed Daniel Craig in the role when the time comes.
Typically, this speculation consists of a number of familiar names: Clive Owen, Michel Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch… even American Jon Hamm! But instead of just rehashing these popular choices, we thought we'd take a look at 5 actors who no one seems to consider, but who could be perfect for the role.

Aidan Turner

A fairly young actor who's made his name largely on television, Turner broke through as feisty dwarf Kili in Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" trilogy, and instantly gathered a slew of fans. He's commanding, intense, and has just the right mischievous glint in his eye for the less serious Bond moments.

Kit Harington
Harington - or, as you know him, Jon Snow - is very young for the role (he's 27 now), but when you consider that Craig  has reportedly signed on for 2 more films, and may even go past that, it's worth looking at young options. Harington may well be 40 years old by the time a non-Craig Bond film is released, and he's become something of a sensation as Jon Snow. He could be the popular choice of the future.

Joseph Fiennes
He's best known as two things: being the brother of Ralph Fiennes (who incidentally now plays M in Bond films), and appearing as Will Shakespeare in the film "Shakespeare In Love." He is perhaps best known for that role. However, by streaming some selections of his previous performances on Picturebox Films and services of the like, one can see that Fiennes is a compelling and adaptable dramatic actor who could no doubt shape the 007 role in a new and interesting way

Richard Armitage
Another actor who broke through in the "Hobbit" beginning (as Thorin Oakenshield), Armitage is becoming a very popular actor. And as to whether or not Armitage can look the part in a clean-cut tuxedo with a silenced handgun, we have no doubt he'd pull it off gracefully.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Coster-Waldau's breakout character is Jaime Lannister on "Game Of Thrones," and when you think about it, he's oddly Bond-like. He's arrogant, impatient with authority, and supremely skilled; ruthless when needed and playful when inappropriate. He may be the best "unorthodox" choice out there.


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