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Because we have far too much time on our hands, we have decided to become the first site on the internet to begin the search for the next James Bond. We have no idea how many films Craig will make  but it would be nice to think that James Bond number 7 is out there somewhere.

Scroll down to look at the candidate profiles and then register your vote on the box suplied at the bottom of the page. If you have a suggestion for a new candidate not on our list send us an e-mail.

Richard Armitage

Nationality: British

Pros: Popular British actor with a big female following, Armitage has been thrown up as a next Bond suggestion on forums for several years now. He proved his action man credentials in Spooks and Strike Back and combines darkly Bondish good looks with enough brawn to make him believable beating up villains as the world's most famous secret agent. 

Cons: Armitage has yet to make much of a move beyond television and doesn't seem to have ever been associated with any James Bond casting calls.

Chances Of Eon hiring him: Armitage would probably need a couple of decent film roles to get their attention at this stage.


Gerard Butler

Nationality: British

Pros: The popular Scot was a fan favourite to replace Brosnan back in 2005 but didn't appear to ever be in serious contention for the role. Has the dark looks for the part and is charismatic, tough and cheeky enough to make a good Bond. Contrary to some previous stories, he expressed an interest in taking on the iconic role during a 2010 interview.                                
Cons: Time is running out. Butler is only a few years younger than Daniel Craig.

Chances of Eon hiring him: It's hard to see Butler getting a stab at 007 now but stranger things have probably happened. 

Christian Bale

Nationality: British

Pros: A highly regarded actor and frequent suggestion whenever potential James Bonds are under discussion. Still has a good few years on Daniel Craig. 
Cons:  Has Batman ruled him out for good? It's hard to see Bale, who is not exactly short of work, jumping into yet another franchise. 

Chances of Eon hiring him: They should perhaps have moved for Bale earlier. He's the equal of Craig as an actor and would have fitted a young Bond project far better in 2006. They didn't and the Batman people moved in. The dream of a Nolan-Bale James Bond film remains just that.

Henry Cavill

Nationality: British

Pros: Handsome young actor from the Channel Islands who came very close to landing the part in 2005 with Martin Campbell allegedly wanting Cavill instead of Craig. The 6'1 Cavill has the Bond look and boosted his profile with his role in the television series The Tudors. Would still be a whippersnapper when Craig departed so has plenty of time on his side.

Cons: Unknown if Cavill is likely to be looked at again. Did he impress others aside from Martin Campbell in 2005? The rough looking bruiser type that Barbara Broccoli seems to prefer suggests the handsome Cavill might not be in as good a position as it seems.

Chances of on hiring him:  He's on the radar. 

Hugh Dancy

Nationality: British

Pros: Good actor with an interesting look. Another good candidate that never was during the Casino Royale search.

Cons: Might be seen as a 'heritage fop' type. Could he be tough enough?

Chances of on hiring him: Unknown. May crop up in the next Bond running.

Jack Davenport

Nationality: British

Pros: Another fan favourite way back when. Handsome, good actor in things like This Life and Ultraviolet. Moved into films with The Talented Mr Ripley and the Pirates Of The Carribean franchise. It would be fun for This Life fans to see Miles as 007!

Cons: Bit of a weedy voice.

Chances of Eon hiring him: Strangely, Davenport has yet to appear on the Eon radar at all, which suggests he isn't part of their plans.

Michael Fassbender

Nationality: Irish

Pros: A growing fan favourite to become the new James Bond after his turn in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. Fassbender is an interesting actor who can be suave in the classic 007 fashion. 

Cons: Would Fassbender want to lock himself into a franchise? 

Chances of Eon hiring him: You would imagine that Fassbender is already being watched by the powers that be.

Rupert Friend

Nationality: British

Pros:  Another actor who apparently read for Casino Royale. Friend has the dashing looks and would certainly be able to do posh and urbane better than Daniel Craig.

Cons: Like Hugh Dancy, might be seen as a 'period fop'. Friend is still best known for his portrayal of Mr Wickham in the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice.

Chances of on hiring him: On the radar.

Matthew Goode

Nationality: British

Pros:  Rumoured to have tested for Casino Royale. Goode looks a bit like a younger Jeremy Irons and has already nabbed a famous role. He played Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias in Watchmen.

Cons: Can the slender Goode be tough enough?

Chances of Eon hiring him: On the radar.

Ioan Gruffudd

Nationality: British

Pros: The Welsh actor shot to fame with his dashing turn in the Hornblower television series and has picked up a few bits and pieces in films. A decent actor who can be charming. 

Cons: Wasn't great in the Fantastic Four film. Might be seen as lightweight.

Chances of Eon hiring him: Like Davenport, Gruffudd was absent from the Casino Royale shake-up. Seems like an obvious person to look at for Bond but doesn't appear to have ever come close to the part. 

Jon Hamm

Nationality: United States

Pros: His suave retro turn in the acclaimed television series Mad Men has floated suggestions that he might be a good Bond. Hamm is three years younger than Daniel Craig and still younger than Brosnan, Moore and Dalton were when they landed the part.

Cons: Could he do the accent? 

Chances of Eon hiring him: Unknown.

Tom Hardy

Nationality: British

Pros: A respected actor, Hardy's turn in Inception has thrown his hat into the next Bond sweepstakes. Gaining support on the forums. 

Cons: Hardy seems like an actor who likes doing different things. Would a slew of Bond adventures appeal to him? With Mad Max and other films coming up he might soon be too busy and famous for 007. Does he look the part?

Chances of Eon hiring him: Unknown.

Martin Henderson

Nationality: New Zealand

Pros:  Quietly picking up parts in Hollywood. Conventionally handsome actor with a rakish charm. Won raves for work on the London stage.

Cons: At 5'9 Henderson is even shorter than Craig.

Chances of Eon hiring him: Henderson is on the radar. 

Hugh Jackman

Nationality: Australian

Pros: Well known, popular and charismatic. Was the bookies favourite to replace Brosnan.

Cons: Only a year or so younger than Daniel Craig. Is he too famous and expensive for Eon?

Chances of Eon hiring him: Jackman's relationship with Eon and Bond is confusing to say the least. Rumours suggest he was offered the part but unhappy at not being allowed to see a script. Would be a safe person to cast for a film or two but time is not on his side anymore.

Luke Mably

Nationality: British

Pros: Yet another young British actor who was tested for Casino Royale and has his fans. 

Cons: Mably doesn't seem to have raised his profile an awful lot lately.

Chances of Eon hiring him: Must rank behind the likes of Cavill and Goode in any next Bond stakes.

Julian McMahon

Nationality: Australian

Pros: Well known from Nip/Tuck television series. Underrated actor who could have taken Bond in more than one direction. Apparently Michael G Wilson's choice to replace Brosnan. Apparently! 

Cons: Like Craig, not everyone's cup of tea.

Chances of Eon hiring him: It was probably 2005 or never for Julian.

Wentworth Miller

Nationality: United States

Pros: The British born American actor was thrown in the huge net of potential Bonds through his Prison Break series. His mixed-race heritage gives him darkly handsome looks that might be a good fit for Fleming's superspy.
Cons: Is he a good enough actor? And Miller is only three or four years younger than Craig with not much beyond television work to his credit.  
Chances of Eon hiring him: No idea.

Alex O'Loughlin

Nationality: Australian

Pros: O'Loughlin tested for Casino Royale and has done very well for himself since then with the television series The Shield and a few steps in the direction of romantic leading man in Hollywood. A good actor who can be tough and one who it seems who would still be very happy to play James Bond should the call come.

Cons: It appears that Cavill and Worthington got further than him in 2005.

Chances of Eon hiring him: Can't be ruled out yet.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

Nationality: Irish

Pros: Golden-Globe winning actor. Dashing, handsome and on the up.

Cons: Can he be tough enough?

Chances of Eon hiring him: On the radar. 

Antony Starr

Nationality: New Zealand

Pros: Read for Casino Royale. A respected actor with a good look for Bond.

Cons: Not widely known yet. Starr doesn't seem to have done an awful lot since 2005.

Chances of Eon hiring him: Looking unlikely now.

Karl Urban

Nationality: New Zealand

Pros: Well known from big Hollywood pictures and has a good following. His role in the second Jason Bourne film gave a glimpse of the tough, no-nosense James Bond he could play.

Cons: Can he carry a picture? Star Trek will keep him busy.

Chances of Eon hiring him: Unknown

Andy Whitfield

Nationality: British

Pros: Welsh actor and model, his role in the Spartacus television series has thrust him into the next Bond sweepstakes. Yes, he's now officially the new Adrian Paul!

Cons: Could Whitfield make the jump to films and be a convincing Bond?

Chances of Eon hiring him: Unknown.

Sam Worthington

Nationality: Australian

Pros: Auditioned for Casino Royale and got to the last three. Did so well that recent stories indicate he was close to being signed as the new James Bond. Given his rise to fame since 2005, Eon might actually have missed a trick by not casting him.

Cons: Worthington seems to be in pratically every blockbuster going now. He doesn't need Bond and has expressed relief in interviews that he didn't get the part.

Chances of Eon hiring him: Looks unlikely but he's still the bookies favourite.


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