Batman vs Superman - Battle of the Bedrooms

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming to cinemas on 25th March and we're getting hyped for it already.
In the film, Batman and Superman are at war with potentially disastrous consequences.
We thought it'd be a great idea to celebrate the upcoming release of what is gonna be a box-office smash, and what better way than by bringing the battle into your own home?
We've compiled a list of the coolest beds, walls, lights, chairs and alarm clocks so you can give your room a super makeover to make sure you're ready for the new film.
From a batarang light for your wall to a superman alarm clock that can project onto your ceiling, we've covered all bases; we'll leave it up to you which hero you want to take inspiration on when decorating your room.
Batman vs Superman – battle of the bedrooms
Batman vs Superman – battle of the bedrooms by Terrys Fabrics.

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