Casino Royale theme "You Know My Name" reviewed.

Greg Haugen: Cornell seemed like an odd selection. I had no idea who he was and his (ironically) titled song doesn't have the requisite darkness or aggression. It sounds like a b-side from some 1980's grunge act. Not in the least bit Bondian.


Michael Cooper: Ho-hum was my reaction to hearing this. I hoped it might be another 'A View To A Kill'. It sounds very homemade and weak in contrast to the usual sweep of Bond themes. I must be the only person in the world who liked the 'Die another Day' theme. At least it sounded different and futuristic. This sounds like a load of hackneyed old cobblers. If I was Eon I would bump this to the end credits. It never really goes anywhere and further plays highlight the flaws and so-so lyrics. A definite mistake to hire Cornell.


Luke Quantrill: Listening to this song is like watching a Chuck Norris video on a space-hopper as you take a polaroid photograph of a rubik's cube. I preferred the work Mr Cornflour did with Milli Vanilli but overall I liked it. Give that man a throat lozenge.



c 2006 Alternative 007