Twenty Reasons Why Timothy Dalton Was A Great James Bond

1) He looked like a James Bond.

2) The first time we see him onscreen in The Living Daylights we accept him as James Bond.

3) He made Bond human again.

4) His presence demanded that the scripts and films tried to be different.

5) He was athletic and physical in a plausable way.

6) His Bond wasn't afraid to bleed.

7) His Bond was a thinker.

8) His Bond was first and foremost a professional, just like Fleming's Bond.

9) He brought a subtle edge to the character and a tightly wound darkness.

10) He did many of his own stunts. No other Bond is so clearly in the thick of the action.

11) He worked wonderfully with Desmond Llewelyn.

12) He gave fantastic interviews when he spoke about the character. No other James Bond actor took the role so seriously.

13) Understated humour.

14) He conveyed emotion more skillfully than his predeccessor or replacement. Example: Accepting the garter from Della in Licence To Kill.

15) Class. Dalton remains a thoughtful and intelligent ex-Bond who has always maintained a great respect for the series.

16) His Bond films are unique. Not everybody's cup of tea but nice to have in the DVD collection.

17) He had an original and personal take on the character.

18) His Bond relied on wits and cunning more than gadgets.

19) He brought a ruthlessness back to the character.

20) His third film would have been great and cemented him as Bond.

- Michael Cooper


c 2006 Alternative 007