Casino Royale Poster 

After some excellent teaser artwork the final Casino Royale poster has ended up as an uninspired cut and paste job that isn't a drastic improvement over the Brosnan era. The poster seemed to be altered day by day and while it gradually improved each time the end result is still disappointing.

The smirking tuxedo pose has been ditched (probably wisely, it wouldn't suit Craig and this has been pitched as a 'different'' Bond film for what seems like years now); but the image of Craig in a suit and unbuttoned shirt doesn't exactly scream 007. The traditional tuxedo poses that they have ventured forth with haven't quite convinced. I get the sense that no one knew quite how to market Craig and so didn't. Most of the promo stuff I have seen tends to have a subtext of 'Don't worry about the actor playing him, this is a James Bond film'. As Martin Campbell said at the time, the lead actor was Eon's trump card when it came to marketing GoldenEye. The same cannot be said of Casino Royale.

It all reminds me of Licence To Kill which had great teaser artwork and and bland final posters. I believe they have struggled and failed to deviate and find something new, arresting and still unmistakably Bond.

- Michael Cooper


c 2006 Alternative 007