Recasting Casino Royale

We've seen the film. We've grumbled in a very predictable fashion. Who would we have cast in Casino Royale? See below. 
We've tried to pick realistic choices. Christian Bale for example, much as we'd have loved him to have done Casino Royale, is hardly likely to be able to do James Bond and the Batman franchise at the same time. Therefore we have chosen actors who would've been attainable.

Robert Fossil

James Bond     Henry Cavill

Vesper Lynd    Rachael Stirling

Le Chiffre     Daniel Craig

M       Tom Wilkinson

RF's Thoughts: Having seen the film I see no reason why Cavill couldn't have done it. They may have had to adjust a few things. Like Wayne Rooney Terminator Bond runnng through walls into, you know, Cavill Bond chasing down the bomber with panache. Stirling for the Diana Rigg link. Craig would make a great villain. Bored wth Dench so Wilkinson steps in.

Michael Cooper

James Bond     Gerard Butler

Vesper Lynd    Rose Byrne

Le Chiffre     Jean Reno

       Tom Wilkinson

MC's thoughts: Butler has the perfect mix of good looks,humour,and charm to be James Bond. He's no lightweight either. If the rather lived in Mr Craig can be pased off as a novice 007 then Butler can too. Byrne for Green. Reno would add charisma to the film. Wilkinson as M.

Greg Haugen

James Bond      Henry Cavill

Vesper Lynd     Eva Green

Le Chiffre      Mads Mikkelsen

     Richard Roxborough

GH's Thoughts:  Surely the valet scene was written for a Cavill type Bond (for whom it would have been a delicious in-joke). With Craig it makes no sense. Oh look! A forty-five year old man with a crewcut. He must be the valet. Park the car kid! Didn't mind Green and Mads. Roxborough as M because he can do authority figures and wouldn't look too old agaisnt Cavill.

Luke Quantrill

James Bond      Alex O'Lachlan

Vesper Lynd     Rachael Stirling

Le Chiffre      Daniel Craig

       Tom Wilkinson

LQ Thoughts: I'm sold on O'Lachlan after The Oyster Farmer. Has a great look for what was supposed to be a young Bond. Also looks like he could kick the crap out of you if he had to and would be as physical as the Craigster. Same as RF for the rest.


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