Kevin McClory 1926-2006

Kevin McClory worked as a technician and director and is credited with the creation of Blofeld and Spectre. He became a familiar name in the world of Bond, not least for his ongoing legal battles with Eon Productions. After working with Ian Fleming on the novel Thunderball, McClory claimed rights to the story and any film version. He was handed a production role by Eon on the subsequent Thunderball film and in return agreed not to attempt any version of his own for at least ten years. When this period expired McClory immediately began plans for his own James Bond film.

After countless problems he finally succeeded in 1983 when Sean Connery was persuaded to return for the flawed but entertaining Never Say Never Again. McClory made one more concerted attempt in the nineties to get another renegade James Bond film off the ground but was thwarted in the courts. His personal contribution to the world of James Bond will live on in the classic films and the only 'straight' unofficial Bond film ever made. 

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