A Look at the Casino Royale teaser poster artwork.

The Casino Royale teaser poster proved to be far superior to any of the uninspired cut and paste artwork they produced for Pierce Brosnan. One of the questions one found oneself asking during the Brosnan era (apart from why they keep hiring eccentric non-action directors) was why the creative side of the promotional material was so terrible. Bond has produced some stunning artwork over the decades; but Eon have been severly deficient in this area for many years. The rot set in as far back as Licence To Kill which was stuck with some truly awful artwork. The US poster was absolutely criminal. Casino Royale seems to mark a return to form in this area. 
A combination of a new studio and a palpable desperation to do everything they can to help the beleagured Craig has at last heralded an improvement. The Royale teaser poster is very stylish and very simple. If the chap in the tuxedo actually looked like James Bond it would be perfect...
- Greg Haugen


c 2006 Alternative 007