Casino Royale review by Tiff

This movie did not live up to what I expected based on the critical and public reviews I had read. I think the producers attempted to take it from one genre (fantasy, tongue in cheek, action/spy movie) to another, (gritty, serious, action/spy movie) and left it somewhere in limbo.

Most of the action, though gadgetless, was still so over the top as to be unable to create any tension for me. The card games were more gripping. Some realism was achieved with the violence but some of that seemed a bit gratuitous.

I liked the idea of making Bond a bit more rounded and giving him extra dimensions but exchanging suave action-man for violent thug was not all that appealing to me. I liked the emotional involvement with the woman of the piece played by Eva Green but was less than convinced by Daniel Craig’s portrayal of it. In the romance area I thought Daniel Craig seemed a bit matter of fact about this bolt out of the blue love. I kept thinking of a couple of other actors who could have brought everything to this Bond that Daniel Craig did, plus a bit more intensity to his feelings, being tall and dark, and just a little bit suave in a nice suit. Daniel Craig just did not have the presence required for any version of Bond in my opinion. For me Clive Owen stands out above all others as being currently suitable for James Bond. 

I found some events and characters a bit confusing while watching it and when it was all explained, it all seemed a bit of a weak story.

I quite like Gerard Butler but I don't think he is right for this Bond. The only other one  besides Clive Owen who grabs me for this Bond is probably an unexpected choice in Julian McMahon. Although his acting ability can leave a little to be desired at times, I think he could do the look and the personality of this Bond and some previous versions quite well.

By the way, when watching the movie, I figured out what my problem was with Daniel Craig's body- building efforts. He had built his body up too much for his slight frame, and his head is rather pixie like anyway and looked too small for his new body.

Overall it was ok, but a bit of a disappointment. Even though Pierce Brosnan looked like Bond for me, I always found him rather bland and though this Bond character as written was more interesting than the one written for Brosnan, I didn’t feel Daniel Craig met the requirements of it.

I have no problems with the need to make James Bond tougher, grittier and even grungier looking, but he has to be at least tall and dark.

And he MUST be at least 6 ft pleeease!

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