Alternative007's Top Five James Bond Films

As an experiment I asked several contributors to this site to list their top five James Bond films in order. The film in first place takes five points and so on with one point for the fifth film. Once the lists were in the points were tallied and the top five James Bond films were revealed.

(1) On Her Majesty's Secret Service (20 points)
First place in all but one of the lists. Still not as widely  appreciated as it should be but has cult status with Bond fans who  recognise it as a stylish, unique and human entry unlike any other  in the series. As close to perfect as a James Bond film will ever  get, OHMSS serves up a story that engages us and characters we care  about with amazing action-sequences.                            

(2) Goldfinger (19 points)
In second place just a point behind, Goldfinger remains a hugely popular and enjoyable film with classic characters and   situations. This film more than any other established a distinct formula and set of rules for the series: A villain with a grand  scheme, henchman, gadgets, huge set-piece ending, grand  production design. The execution of this formula by Goldfinger changed the face of cinema.

(3) From Russia With Love (14 points)
Another enduringly popular early entry in the series. The atmospheric and stylish FRWL established Connery as the definitive  James Bond and gave him his greatest ever foe in Robert Shaw's Red  Grant. A real sense of intrigue lifts this into the top echelon of James Bond films.

(4) The Spy Who Loved Me (7 points)
1977's epic The Spy Who Loved earned enough points for fourth place  on our list. Atlantis, Jaws, the pyramids, Roger Moore's Lotus. It  might be a tad fantastical for some tastes but most of us seemed to agree that The Spy Who Loved Me rivals any James Bond film for pure unadulterated fun and spectacle.

(5) Thunderball (5 points)
The first epic Bond closed out the top five. Thunderball is not the most widely loved film in the series and some consider it    overlong and a bit dull now. Not so here though. Sean Connery's  performance, John Barry's score and Terence Young's assured  direction earnt enough votes for fifth place on our James Bond list.


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