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The Alexander Wellington Films are the creation of Perrin Spychala. A long time fan of the James Bond films, Spychala set out to spoof, parody, and pay homage to this great series while pursuing a screen writing career. In his films, Spychala cleverly uses locations, seasons and a dry sense of humor to create funny, globetrotting adventures that have been filmed in Minnesota, Chicago, Los Angeles and Osaka, Japan. Serving as the Wellington series' producer, writer, director, editor and star, Spychala has managed to create five truly entertaining half hour films with very limited budgets.

In addition to poking fun at the Bond films, Spychala also satirizes movie trailers. All his films include clever previews for his other works. One of which is a snappy two and a half minute preview for a non-existent Wellington film entitled "A World of Danger".

Spychala even pokes fun at behind the scenes movie specials as well as himself in his retrospective, "The Incredible World of Alexander Wellington".  Without the confines of a story line, Spychala uses humorous narration to string together a fast moving, fifteen minute series of jokes, sight-gags, movie out-takes and more to give one a unique view of his Wellington character.  He also does this with "Lights, Camera, Wellington!", " A View Up a Kilt" and " The Alexander Wellington Twelfth Anniversary Special".

Perrin Spychala is an Addy Award winning a videographer and local TV commercial producer. He also writes and performs stand-up comedy and assists the Ian Fleming Foundation with the restoration screen used James Bond vehicles and props. He lives in St. Cloud, Minnesota and can be reached at

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"LIVE TO TELL" (1992) British Secret Agent Alexander Wellington must discover why a Russian Nuclear Weapons expert is keeping company with a suspected terrorist financier.

"A WORLD OF DANGER" (1994) A Wellington "Movie trailer spoof"

"NOTHING IS FOREVER (1995) A Criminal mastermind  known  as Falco plots a nuclear blackmail scheme that only  British Secret Agent Alexander Wellington can stop. Followed by "The Incredible World of Alexander Wellington."

"ANOTHER TOMORROW" (1998) Secret Agent Alexander Wellington becomes the target of  his vengeance-seeking rival, Falco. Followed by "Lights, Camera, Wellington."

"IN THE SERVICE OF THE CROWN" (2001) In this, the biggest Wellington ever prequel, the super secret agent meets Falco for the very first time.

"SMILES AREN'T FOR HEROES" (2004)   Wellington's ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by the sinister Falco and a dirty bomb plot targets London.  "The Alexander Wellington 12th Anniversary Special" follows the thrilling  film.  


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