Mildly Unconventional James Bond Views


Robert Fossil

Madonna's Die Another Day theme wasn't nearly as terrible as everyone said it was. I thought it was an interesting attempt to do something new.

There was Bondian continuity in the series up to 2002.

Paul Haggis did not do a very good job on Casino Royale.

Christopher Walken was one of the best villains in the entire series.

Revisionists have already tried to rewrite Pierce Brosnan's tenure as 007. Brosnan did a fine job in uneven, often badly scripted films.

The 007 v 006 fight at the end of GoldenEye is one of the best in the series but is often overlooked.

Glady's Knight's 'Licence To Kill' theme is one of the best ever written for a James Bond film.

The Man With The Golden Gun is a very entertaining and underrated James Bond film.

Michael Cooper

A television series or animated film would not be a loss of prestige for Eon.

It is a good thing that Sean Connery did not do On Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969.

George Lazenby was a much better James Bond than he is given credit for.

Timothy Dalton should have made his debut in 1981.

Timothy Dalton is the only James Bond actor who manged to project an enigmatic quality into the character.

Post Connery, Timothy Dalton had the best introduction picture as James Bond.

Clive Owen would have made a cool and enigmatic 007. This view isn't outrageously unconventional but in light of the preposterous trashing Owen recieved on Bond 'forums' after Daniel Craig was cast I thought I'd include it.

Shirley Bassey's Moonraker theme is completely underrated.

Daniel Craig is not Ian Fleming's James Bond or the cinematic James Bond. His interpretation represents a completely new character.

A James Bond origin film would be a great idea.

James Bond is a mythic character and should never be too ordinary.

Quantum Of Solace would make a great title for a James Bond film.

Greg Haugen

Edward Fox was hilarious as M in Never Say Never Again.

An Asian/Hong-Kong action director should be let loose on a future James Bond film.

Eon selling the series wouldn't neccesarily be a bad thing.

James Bond films should not strive to be politically correct.

John Glen is vastly unappreciated by Bond fans.

There is no reason why an American actor could not play James Bond.

I don't mind a sci-fi element in Bond films.

Luke Quantrill

The slide whistle in The Man With The Golden Gun is perfectly fine. It's only a film!

George Lazenby was much more engaging in OHMSS than Sean Connery would have been.

Judi Dench was miscast as M right from the start.

Die Another Die really wasn't that bad. No, honestly.

Marvin Hamlisch provided the most fun score in the entire series.

Lewis Collins should have made a few Bond films in the eighties.

For Your Eyes Only lacks spectacle and marks the end of the 'epic' Bond era.

Being faithful to Ian Fleming is not essential for an entertaining James Bond movie and a James Bond film does not have to be Fleming-like in order to be good.

I honestly believed that Denise Richards was a nuclear physicist in The World Is Not Enough. Oh, ok. You've got me there.


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