Kevin McClory Part 37

Several recent rumours indicate that Kevin Mclory may be making his 37th attempt to get another remake of Thunderball off the ground. 
As usual the rumours should be treated as just that: rumours. Does Mclory have the legal wherewithall to go ahead with this? I have no idea. Mclory isn't getting any younger either. If it were somehow possible and a renegade 007 film started to take shape again Eon are hardly liable to make it easy for them. 
Of course an unofficial entry would have an obvious star in Pierce Brosnan and an obvious appeal to Bond fans still spitting blood over the casting of Craig.
Don't expect to ever see Never Say Never Again 2 on a cinema screen; but if it did happen why not ask Gerard Butler? Butler's bizarre ommission from the Bond 6 casting call suggests that Gerry would not exactly have anything to lose...
- Greg Haugen


c 2006 Alternative 007