Happy Birthday Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming

Let us raise our glasses and salute the Centennial Birthday of the late Ian Fleming, born in Mayfair, London, May 28th, 1908...creator of everyone's favorite British Secret Agent, James Bond 007.

His extraordinary life included a very intense and interesting tenure with British Naval Intelligence during the Second World War, where he was promoted to Commander.

Ian Fleming was well known for his extremely thoughtful and imaginative ploys to further the free world efforts during war time, including the idea of using a British occultist to trick the Nazis, and later a rumored idea thrown to the United States that would've seen Cuba's Fidel Castro assassinated with an exploding cigar!

There is an absolutely wonderful feature about James Bond's creator on the James Bond Special and Ultimate Edition DVD's. You'll find it on "The Living Daylights". It's called "Ian Fleming: 007's Creator".

Ian Fleming, a man who enjoyed good living and the higher class, and bedded some extremely beautiful women, it's no wonder he created the world's most famous Super Spy in 1953!

All our best from everyone at Alternative 007 to the late Mr. Fleming's family, friends, and most importantly...his fans!!!

Enjoy And Take Care!

- Alec


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