Quantum Of Solace Teaser Trailer Review - By Alec '006'

 Brosnan gunbarrell Bond

At last! Our first glimpse at the film formerly known as Bond 22 - "Quantum Of Solace". I learned early in life from one of my school teachers that if you're going to offer up criticism on something, try and offer some positives before a negative. Fair enough. This film looks good. The cinematography, the locales, the sets, stunts, all look quite good, although not quite as good as the trailer for "Casino Royale".

We get a taste that this flick has lots of action and intensity and James Bond is pretty p****d off. We could gather as much from the early remarks given by EON and other sources, knowing that Vesper was working with a mysterious organization who seem pretty cruel and mysterious. We are basically given the info that Bond isn't over what happened to Vesper, gets some leads as to where to yank the thread to unravel this insidious sweater, and goes a little A.W.O.L.

"M" played once again by Dame Judi Dench, is obviously still disappointed in her newly appointed "00". "I thought I could trust you..." she says, once again quietly scolding our favorite British Agent. Doesn't she remember how well he did at the terrorist arms bazaar at the beginning of "Tomorrow Never Di... - Oops! Same "M", different time line, different Bond.

Craig looks to be in decent form except when you see him in the trailer say "You don't have to worry about me." Holy cripes Daniel, you look like you just got dragged around London three times under a subway train! Yikes!!! I hope this look for Mr Craig is based on something that happens to 007 in a particular part of the movie, and not just reaffirming my notion that Daniel just doesn't make for the dashing, debonair, strikingly handsome 007 we all used to know.

Besides starting to tire of Dame Judi's "M" constant berating of her best agent, I think this trailer lacks any real signatures that shows us this is the latest adventure for Ian Fleming's James Bond 007. A taste of the gunbarrel would've been nice. If we get jipped out of an opening gun barrel sequence BEFORE the pre-title sequence coming November 7th, I swear to Almighty God I'll throw my over-sized, over-priced, bucket of Coca-Cola (including the straw) at the theater screen!

We get only teased with the Bond music here...oh, well. Monty Norman and David Arnold should really go and have lunch some time. All in all, I'm going to give the teaser a 7 out of 10.

"Quantum Of Solace" is echoing one of my favorite Bond entries, Timothy Dalton's "Licence To Kill" from 1989, when 007 last went out for revenge...and trying not to notice that at times this looks like Bond is taking Jason Bourne personally, rather than those responsible for Vesper.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the night of November 7th and will be buying the theater's biggest size Coke.

- Alec '006'  


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